telling your story

We are all ambassadors for our organizations. Whether you’re advocating for legislation or asking for a donation, you are a spokesperson for your organization. In many cases, you have only a few minutes to tell the story. Telling Your Story workshops focus on how to build support for an organization or cause, including how to: 

  • Tailor your message to fit the audience

  • Focus on your most important points

  • Explain complex information in a simple manner

  • Use examples and brief stories  

  • Speak with confidence

  • Make the asK

Telling Your Story workshops can be tailored to fit specific situations, such as fundraising calls or meetings with policy makers. We find that our workshops prepare your spokespersons to deliver a message that is consistent, but not identical. By encouraging people to put the organization’s messages in their own words, everyone in your organization learns how to tell the story.

Mimi is highly skilled at coaxing people out of their communications comfort zone and into learning new skills that will benefit them in all areas. Mimi’s sessions continue to rank the highest among all sessions we offer at our annual event for young physicians.
— Catherine Davidge - American Podiatric Medical Association

Secrets of Successful Networking: Collect Opportunities, Not Business Cards

From working the room to building business relationships, our professional network is the cornerstone of our career success. Networking is about more than attending business receptions. Networking is about building business relationships with the people you meet. This interactive seminar shows you how to:

  • Approach business events with a “host” mindset

  • Introduce yourself in a clear, concise manner

  • Be prepared with questions and conversation starters

  • Identify networking opportunities that work for you

  • Follow-up with people you meet

  • Maintain your professional networK

Interactive networking workshops can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business, industry or profession.