Think "Louder" to Speak with More Confidence

I’m frequently asked for advice about how to speak with greater confidence. My recommendation? Speak louder.

What happens when you speak louder is you sound more confident. By thinking “louder,” you stand-up straighter and speak with greater energy and conviction. It’s not about volume. It’s about changing your mindset.  

For example, I recently prepared a business leader to deliver remarks to an audience of 800+ people. I recommended that she speak “louder” in her practice session. When I played back the video that I recorded after she tried speaking “louder,’ she said “Wow! What a difference. I always thought I could speak softly because there’s a microphone. But this isn’t about whether people can hear me, it’s about whether I sound confident and committed to what I’m saying. 

Another benefit to “speaking louder” is that it’s an easy instruction to remember under pressure. We can all remember a two-word instruction, even when we’re anxious about public speaking.    

If you feel tentative about speaking to an audience, I encourage you to try “speaking louder” and ask a colleague for feedback. Chances are good that your colleague will say “You sounded more confident!”